Monday 2nd of January 2017

After my previous outing to Kessingland, whereupon I entirely failed to reach the beach, I decided another visit was in order. I ended up going twice, but the first was a bit of a let-down as the weather was dull and grey. Fortunately the second time was more successful, with lovely low winter sun for the majority of the outing.

Fuji X-E1, XF 60/2.4, XF 35/1.4 and XF 14/2.8

beach path over pebbles

bare bush

shrub on pebble beach

shrubbery on beach ridge

spiky bush closeup

people walking behind beach ridge

view south along the beach

Benacre pumping station

rocks at Benacre pumping station

people walking their dog on the beach

long shadow

small shrubs on pebble beach

view out to sea over shrubbery and pebble beach