Wednesday 4th January 2017

I guess ‘challenge’ isn’t the right word really, more of an inspiration: this is a list of photo idea prompts for the next 30 days, which I saw on Rinike’s blog.

  1. Self-portrait

I’ll post the first picture today but after that, to avoid spamming the posts list I’ll wait until each 5th day.

day one self-portrait

I recently found the battery charger for my Ricoh GR Digital III, and since I had the camera handy on my desk I figured I’d use it for today’s picture. It is not ideally suited to portraits, self or otherwise.

I’ll try to use it a bit more in the coming days and see if I have anything worth writing about a 7 year old camera. It’s nice, though, except sometimes when I switch it off it makes a horrible buzzing/grinding noise and the lens fails to retract.