Saturday 28th January 2017

I thought we might get lucky with the weather today, and manage to get some nice shiny winter pictures in the Suffolk seaside town of Southwold, but although it was sunny on the drive there, as we arrived the clouds moved in and flattened all the light.

Still, it’s kind of an appropriate aesthetic, the grey overcast weather reflecting the unbusy nature of a seaside town in winter.

Took the 18 – 55 again, in the vague hope it’d work better on the X-T2. Nope. I really should just sell it, I’m never satisfied with the results; the primes have spoiled me. Also took the 35/1.4, which I used for the last half of the pictures. Much better. Have I become a 50mm-e person now?

beach huts

flood barrier

signs before a rough sea

man walking his dog

houses and white fence

old-fashioned cinema

water tower undergoing renovation

lobster backpack

wonky road sign


iron hook protruding from brick wall

seagulls over a dark sea

foamy sea swirling swirling around a groyne