Sunday 29th of November 2015

For some reason I’m at loss to explain, a couple of days ago I started a Week 39 OCOLOY album in Capture One, thinking I’d already done 38. I was a rather dismayed that I’d left it so late in the week, further so because of the dreary weather since then.

Of course, this post being titled ‘OCOLOY Week 38’ shows I was mistaken, and could in fact make use of several nice pictures I took earlier in the week in considerably more aureate light, which is a relief – I’d almost resigned myself to making this an experimental post wherein I used some of the ‘rougher’ pictures, processed with a black and white preset that purports to emulate Fuji Neopan 1600. It’s a pretty nice look, all grungy and ‘war photograph’, with harsh midtones and slightly milky, low-contrast blacks. No idea whether that’s what actual Neopan 1600 looks like (and that’s not even getting developer and printing involved), but I like it, although it’s of a more specialised purpose than the standard mono preset I’m using for most things. Perhaps I’ll use it for next week’s pictures.

side-lit fence side-lit fence

gate post gate post

skate park skate park

Carlton Meadow park Carlton Meadow

tree at the end of Beech Road tree at the end of Beech Road

speed camera sign speed camera sign

sun shining around the corner sun shining around the corner

Once again, no wide picture this week; in all honesty the 14mm’s been a bit neglected of late.