Sunday 6th of December 2015

I said last week that I was going to think about using a ‘Fuji Neopan 1600’ emulation for processing this week’s pictures. I decided to go ahead with this, and quite early on realised it’d mean having to keep it in mind when shooting, as it has a particular contrast and colour response that’s quite… ‘opinionated’. The usual preset I use has a more subtle aesthetic, and suits quite a wide variety of scenes, but this Neopan one certainly stamps a kind of grungy reportage feel on to the pictures.

I’m not sure I want to keep using it, primarily because it’s an additional thing to learn on top of the normal preset, which I’m still getting to grips with even if it is a bit more forgiving. Moreover, keeping in mind how the processing is going to affect the look of my pictures has an effect on what I choose to point the camera at. Obviously this is true with any kind of processing, but in this instance it feels at odds with what I (think I) want to say. It adds too much dirt.

So, interesting experiment, and perhaps something to come back to once the OCOLOY project is complete.

marsh life ring marsh life ring

roundabout trees roundabout trees

beach grass beach grass

long boat shadows long boat shadows

flats entrance 1 flats entrance 1

flats entrance 2 flats entrance 2

River Wensum, Norwich River Wensum, Norwich