Sunday 17th January 2016

Christmas and New Year are quite the schedule disruptors, as evidenced by the nearly 4 week break since the previous OCOLOY post and during that time I did quite a bit of shooting with lenses other than the 35mm. The regular weekly posting will now resume, though, and with only ten more to go!

I’ve decided that when I finish I’m going to do a Top 10, since a ‘best of each week’ isn’t really practical, and dividing the weeks up into months seems a bit arbitrarily limiting, since I might like several pictures from one month and none from the next. I suspect it’s going to be pretty hard to reduce 365 pictures down to 10, and will possibly mean printing the shortlist, sticking them on the wall and staring at them until a preference becomes clear. Which is funny because the original rules for the OCOLOY project actually say to print a picture each day and stick it on the wall with the others from that week so you can absorb it properly. Had I a printer, that’s maybe what I’d have done, although it might have got rather expensive.

The top 10, at least, I plan on printing ‘properly’ – hopefully by then I’ll have my own photo printer, and it’d be nice to have a physical reminder of this project.

Norwich station Norwich station

London Liverpool Street station London Liverpool Street station

park and ride stop park and ride stop

view from Starbucks view from Starbucks

St Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich St Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich

side lit light side lit light

taped-off drawers taped off drawers

After chatting with a sales chap in Jessops the other day I decided I’d not done nearly enough shooting with the 14mm lately, so here’s a bonus wide shot.

frosty suburban morning frosty suburban morning