Monday 3rd October 2016

I took my car for its MOT this morning and since it was a nice day, I went for a nice morning walk with my Fuji X100 while I waited, and this time made an effort to use the optical viewfinder, to see if I could like it.

No parking sign 1

It’s ok, I guess? I still prefer a good electronic viewfinder (the X100’s is barely adequate), but I could get used to it if I had to, I think. Mostly it just feels like … shooting blind, strangely enough. I can see the world better, but I can’t see my photograph as well as can with an EVF. Sure, with practice I could learn to guess more accurately what’ll happen when I trip the shutter, but why would I want to do that?

No parking sign 2

For the type of pictures here the speed of the X100 wasn’t a problem; it’s only when you need to react quickly that it becomes a hindrance. I could live with it if this was the only kind of picture I shot, but as I mentioned in the previous post, better tools can open new doors.

factory site exit

I honestly don’t know why I’m drawn to signs this way; I hadn’t even noticed the tendency until fairly recently. Maybe it’s that they’re designed to be seen?

security warning behind fence

road salt box lid

Maybe it’s not even signs, per se, but words – the salt box above isn’t a sign, but I still noticed it.

walkway to Nile Court

I think there’s also an aspect of finding the wear and tear appealing – I like seeing how the world has affected things, how they age.

MOT Testing sign