Night and day, shadow and light

I didn't really appreciate just how much of one's time a baby takes up until Emily was born. It's not even just things like rarely having a moment alone; it's the other stuff, like major limits on spontaneity, especially in winter. Zoe and I can't just decide to go out somewhere now, as we need to consider how accessible it will be with a baby and maybe pram. Consequently this leaves less time for photography of the non-baby-picture kind, so I've been grabbing what opportunities present themselves. A quick drive to the local chippy, a wander around Norwich. »

Into Darkness

I spent most of yesterday writing code, right on up until about 9pm, which left me in no frame of mind to sleep, so I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. I got a bit lost, following a road into a housing estate then on to various footpaths that crossed fields. The light was like this when I started: Getting dark, but nothing to worry about really. By the time I finally realised for certain where I was, it was more like this: Here's some more pictures from my trek into darkness. The far side of »

Fog at Night

Fog has always fascinated me – the way it makes things look is obviously different, but also the way it mutes sounds, and disorients the senses. At night time these effects are amplified further, with large patches of grey that fade out into unknown darkness. Odd shadow below a lamp post Fog is great for light rays The street lights look almost like UFOs »

Holiday in Malta: Day 3

Posts in this series: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 My destination for today was Għardira, the beach resort in Mellieħa, and being almost at the other end of the island from the flat, it was a two-hour bus ride away. Before I set off, I made myself a packed lunch and grabbed a bottle of Kinnie, a 'bittersweet soft drink made from oranges and aromatic herbs', native to Malta. As the bus topped the hill in Mellieħa and descended towards the beach resort, I began to have my doubts »