Sunday 14th of June 2015

I spent most of yesterday writing code, right on up until about 9pm, which left me in no frame of mind to sleep, so I decided to go for a walk to clear my head.

I got a bit lost, following a road into a housing estate then on to various footpaths that crossed fields. The light was like this when I started:

the light at the start of my trek

Getting dark, but nothing to worry about really. By the time I finally realised for certain where I was, it was more like this:

nice but dim

Here’s some more pictures from my trek into darkness.

give way

dusky street

The far side of the housing estate had a footpath that led on to a field:

fateful path

I was beginning to think I was trespassing, or had taken a wrong turn, but this sign reassured me:

please keep dogs on footpath


I headed towards the trees for lack of any better ideas.

private lane

Ok, can’t go that way. And why are the words ‘No Entry’ smaller than the other text? Who can tell. Better go this way, then:

path to the treeline

footpath sign

Footpaths must actually lead somewhere, right? Finally, at the end of the path was a gate, perpendicular to which was an actual paved road.

road gate

And eventually I found my way back to civilisation.