OCOLOY Week 32

Weather this week: almost entirely rainy or heavily overcast. Most of these pictures were shot at ISO 2000; the lowest was at 400, and that had to be pushed a bit in Capture One. Lens this week: Fuji 18–55mm! Yep, I decided this week I needed a break from the exclusive 35mm usage, as a sort of preview of things to come once I'm done with the OCOLOY project. The 18–55 is odd. The stabilisation I find is mostly useful for keeping the viewfinder steady when composing at 55mm; for reducing the effects of camera shake during the »

OCOLOY Week 31

Another busy week, alas not photographically: deadlines are looming at work which has left me little time or energy for taking pictures. I have, however, been spending a lot of time thinking about meaning. What do I want to say with my pictures? I feel like I'm approaching Step 4 in Andy Ilachinski's Eightfold Path Toward Self-Discovery, but it's a long hard climb to reach it. I want more out of my pictures now – I want to say something, but ... I don't know what. I enjoy making pictures, but I don't really know why I like the pictures I do. »

OCOLOY Week 30

Thirty! It seems like the end is in sight now, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's been an interesting experience being limited to one (ish) lens for so long, and having that restraint lifted... well, I'm looking forward to it if nothing else because it'll be something new. Will I start using my 18–55mm lens more again? Maybe. As much as I started out not feeling all that comfortable with the 35mm, by now it fits much better in my mind, and although I still treat it too much like an inadequate telephoto, I'm at »

Fuji 14mm brief initial impressions

I finally saved up enough to get a lens I've wanted for quite a while now: the Fuji XF 14mm f/2.8 R. This article is some of my first thoughts about the lens, in no particular order. Here's my lens family now: 14mm f/2.8, 35mm f/1.4, 18–55mm It's about half way between the 35 and 18–55 in size and weight, and balances just fine on my X-E1. It comes with a plastic hood that can also be used on the 18–55, and it's fine really, possibly a bit big but oh »

Find the Colour

For my One Camera One Lens One Year project so far I've used a single Capture One preset, intended to emulate Tri-X film pushed 2 stops. I've been happy with the look, and have become used to pre-visualising scenes with it in mind, with some success I think. But spring is here now: in the past few days the weather has improved markedly, and along with it a kind of nostalgia mixed with a longing to try something new has arisen in me. I've been poking around with some other C1 presets and came across one I'd never really given »

OCOLOY Week 11

I'm really starting to enjoy using this camera and lens combo now, and more importantly it feels just as comfortable and familiar as my X100 did after a year of use. I no longer feel constrained by the 50mm-e field of view; instead I'm simply accustomed to it and am able to recognise or dismiss potential scenes accordingly. The lens itself is not much of an issue either: for the type of shooting I do, I don't feel particularly limited by it or the X-E1. Neither is particularly fast, and the camera's viewfinder is kinda small, but they do the »

Writing by hand

Matt Gemmell’s latest post about how we’ve lost the intimacy of hand-written letters in this age of electronic communications makes a good point: receiving a hand-written communication is a hugely more personal experience than simply viewing ephemeral text on a screen. Handwriting used to be my daily companion, and now it’s becoming a rare art. I wonder how much this is 'becoming' the case for people born in the past twenty years or so, people for whom computing devices of various kinds are part of the fabric of life. Sure, in schools children will often be writing »